One Of Us: JJ Watt Is A Frustrated Fan Who Just Wants To Watch A Game

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Like it or not, streaming is here to stay, and recently retired JJ Watt is getting a taste of that firsthand.

Just weeks removed from calling it quits on his illustrious NFL career β€” although they’re still trying to drug test him β€” Watt is kicking back. On Saturday, he tried to do what most of us would do: throw on a game.

In his case, it was a soccer game. However, instead of a frustration-free afternoon watching the Beautiful Game, Watt was met with a familiar sight for those of us who stream games.

Ah yes, the ol’ stream to your laptop then cast the game to your TV trick. It works in theory but for some reason in practice, it does nothing but frustrate you to the point where you can feel the muscles around your eye twitching.

As Watt said, he was just getting a taste of what international NFL fans deal with regularly.

As amazing as it is to be able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, there’s something nice about the days of just flipping to a channel and that was the end of it. No logging into your (or your ex’s) various accounts wrestling with your wi-fi router.

And don’t even attempt to watch something that isn’t available in your state, region, or country, lest you have at least some level of computer hacking know-how.

If you can get it, it’ll work on your phone or laptop, but you really want it on that nice big screen. That’s what the relay method Watt was going with is for.

Super frustrating, but I will say, I do find some degree in seeing that a Hall of Fame NFL career isn’t even enough to get your technology to work properly.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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