Olivia Dunne Takes Aim At Alabama, Wishes Everyone A ‘Happy Bama Hate Week’

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There are some big games taking place around college football as the season gets closer to the College Football Playoff. One of those big games involves No. 6 Alabama taking on No. 10 LSU in Baton Rouge.

As if there was any doubt about who LSU gymnast and social media star Olivia Dunne was rooting for, she made it clear on Friday. She shared a video asking if she looks good with the caption, “happy bama hate week.”

Olivia Dunne LSU Alabama Joe Burrow
LSU gymnast ready to take on Bama (Image Credit: Olivia Dunne/TikTok)

The bama hate week video, like most of her videos, received a ton of attention. It’s racked up more than 1.6 million views in less than 24 hours.

There are hundreds of thousands of likes and a couple thousand comments to go along with the views.


happy bama hate week🫶🏼 #foryou #lsu

♬ original sound – ㅤ

When Olivia speaks, people listen. So she had to know when a commenter asked for her to name an NFL player for them to create a video of, that people were going to take notice.

She knew and she still responded with “Mr. Burrow” as in Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. Undoubtedly, she did so on purpose.

Olivia Dunne Joe Burrow

Olivia Dunne Is Still Dropping Joe Burrow Hints

Naturally, there was a lot of speculation in the comment section after Olivia’s response. Many were suggesting that the two might be a little more than friends.

One of the more tame commenters renamed her, “Livvy Burrow.” While another said, “I knew you had a thing for him.”

Those in the comment section aren’t the only ones who have noticed a pattern here. It’s been well-documented by our very own Joe Kinsey that there is a possible jersey-chasing situation forming here.

Is Olivia jersey chasing or trolling here? It could go either way. What we know for sure is that she’s ready for the big game that could end Bama’s playoff hopes.

Olivia Dunne LSU Game Day Ready
LSU gymnast is game day ready (Image Credit: Olivia Dunne/Instagram Story)

Written by Sean Joseph

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