Olivia Dunne Wraps Herself Up To Celebrate Christmas

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Olivia Dunne was definitely in a cheery mood for Christmas.

The LSU gymnast has been on a content tear over the past few days, and that didn’t stop simply because people around America were gathering to celebrate Christmas.

How did she celebrate the big day? Well, as we all know, presents are a staple of Christmas, and she decided to attempt to wrap herself up.


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Olivia Dunne remains an unstoppable force online.

In case you’re wondering about what kind of draw Olivia Dunne has in the TikTok world, this is one of her less-watched videos, and it still has more than 650,000 views in just 12 hours.

Olivia Dunne wraps herself up for Christmas. (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok video https://www.tiktok.com/@livvy/video/7181235072358485290)

She previously dropped a different Christmas-themed one that racked up a staggering 5.2 million views in about a week.

There’s being popular online, and then there’s being Olivia Dunne’s level of popularity. It almost feels like Michael Jordan in his prime with the Chicago Bulls.

The LSU superstar simply can’t miss. Once she turns on her phone, you know she’s about to go viral. Even something as simple as a little Christmas fun seems to dominate the web.

Does she ever get sick of all this winning? For the sake of the OutKick audience, let’s definitely hope not.

Whatever Dunne does next, you can guarantee it will, once again, generate a shocking amount of attention. Oh, did we mention she’s also a star gymnast? Again, you simply have to wonder if this winning ever gets old. Something tells me the answer is no.

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