Olivia Dunne Surprises Fans With Video Of What She’d Look Like In Anime

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Olivia Dunne, once again, managed to gin up plenty of attention online.

The LSU gymnast is known for her incredible online following, which has translated to some huge dollars for her bank account.

The wokes might not like the fact Dunne is a star, but her millions of followers are certainly supportive.

Well, late Saturday afternoon ahead of Christmas, Dunne dropped a viral TikTok video showing off her anime appearance.

She definitely seemed surprised by the outcome.

While Dunne might have been surprised by the outcome of the video, at least one of her fans wasn’t. A random guy commented that it looked just like her (it looks nothing like her).

Never be the guy who randomly comments on videos of women you don’t know. It’s never a good idea, and an ultimate cringe moment. However, Dunne agreed with the guy!

Olivia Dunne shares video of what she’d look like in anime. (Credit: Screenshot/TikTok)

In case you’re curious about just how much star power Dunne has, that video has 1.5 million views in just 12 hours.

Is Olivia Dunne a star or is she a star? The answer is yes, and you’re simply not paying attention if you think different.

There’s a reason why The NYT had to go after her. It’s because losers hate success, and right now, she’s at the top of the influencer and NIL game.

Taxes, death, the Detroit Lions disappointing fans and Olivia Dunne dominating the web. Those are about the only four things that are guaranteed in life. Once again, she successfully whipped up plenty of attention with an unexpected twist.

Written by David Hookstead

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