Olivia Dunne, America’s Richest College Athlete, Launches NIL Fund At LSU

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Another day, another win for LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne.

The social media star, believed to be the richest college athlete in the country, is launching an initiative on campus to help women athletes secure NIL funding.

The Livvy Fund, according to the website, will provide LSU female athletes with exclusive industry tips and connections she has built. Dunne, according to Sports Illustrated, is currently the highest-paid female athlete in the country, earning a seven-figure income through lucrative NIL deals.

“I really just hope that [The Livvy Fund] is the first of many,” Dunne told SI Swimsuit. “I really hope to get as many women student athletes on board as I can. I want to continue to elevate women’s sports as a whole because they really deserve the same publicity as the men’s.

“We do equal work, we put in equal time in our facilities every day and in school. So, I feel like it would be right for this to be equal.”

Olivia Dunne wants NIL equality.

Olivia Dunne wants more NIL equality at LSU

Dunne, 20, is set to embark on her senior year at LSU next month. The social media star recently posted a video of her training for the first time in months. She is working her way back from an injury-plagued 2023.

According to Dunne, the push for this project first started when she realized nearly 66% of NIL funding goes to male athletes.

“The collectives mostly go to the men’s sports here at LSU and I just want to fight for equal NIL opportunities,” she continued. “It’s very important to help educate other student athletes here at LSU on how to be a savvy businesswoman and how to partner with brands.

“Over the past two years, I’ve learned so much from these brands. So, I just want to help educate others and help give equal opportunities.”

Dunne burst onto the scene at LSU a few years ago. But her image exploded with the landmark NIL law was passed back in 2021.

Since then, she’s cultivated a massive social media following, struck several mega NIL deals and become the most well-known college athlete in the country.

She also told SI that she hopes to expand the Livvy Fund to other college campuses in the future.

College World Series champions and now this. What a damn time to be alive if you’re an LSU Tiger.

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