Old Photo Of Joe Burrow In Chiefs Helmet Goes Viral

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Joe Burrow is a turncoat!

OK. Not exactly. But, Joe Cool was apparently once a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Burrow’s father posted a now-viral picture of his superstar son donning a Chiefs helmet back in the day, and it’s a jarring image.

“Joe watching an Iowa Barnstormer game with his Mom,” Jimmy Burrow tweeted Friday. “Won’t be wearing that helmet Sunday. Who Dey.”

Former Chiefs fan Joe Burrow now owns Kansas City

A lot to digest here.

For starters, how about an ‘Iowa Barnstormer’ reference to kick off your NFL championship weekend?!

The Barnstormers, by the way – and thanks to our crack OutKick Investigative team – are apparently a professional indoor football team based in Des Moines, Iowa. Who says you can’t learn something new on a Saturday?

Anyway, Burrow was apparently a big Barnstormer AND Chiefs fan back in the day, which is ironic because he’s now their daddy.

Joe Burrow was once a Chiefs fan.
Joe Burrow owns the Chiefs. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Burrow and the Bengals have dominated Kansas City over the past 380-ish days, beating them twice in the regular season and once in last year’s AFC title game.

Of course, they’ll meet once again Sunday for all the AFC Championship marbles.

Joey Cool has owned the Chiefs so much that the stadium has been renamed “Burrowhead,” which Chiefs players are THRILLED about.

Things have gotten so bad that Cincinnati’s Mayor, Aftab Pureval, is even feeling himself going into Sunday’s showdown.

The newly re-elected Mayor sat at his desk Friday and issued the proclamation that January 29, 2023 will henceforth be called “They Gotta Play Us Day” in Cincinnati.

Within that bold proclamation – which OutKick properly covered here – Pureval took multiple shots at Kansas City and the Chiefs, and said that Burrow has been asked by officials to take a paternity test. to determine whether he is or is not Patrick Mahomes’ father.

That video was … something.

Anyways, it’s all on the line Sunday at Arrowhead Burrowhead.

Buckle up!

Written by Zach Dean

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