Old Guys Rule: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers Best Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen In Superb ‘The Match’ Face-Off

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Brady and Rodgers, how were those two not going to win?

The sixth broadcast of “The Match” — featuring a battle between NFL stars Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen — was a generational matchup between the NFL’s old guard of elite QBs and the new era’s studs.

All live from Las Vegas’ sumptuous Wynn Golf Club.

A face-off between teams Brady-Rodgers and Mahomes-Allen was an incredible display of one truth in sports: guys that are great at one thing are probably good at everything else.

Smacking long bombs down the green, smack-talk amongst football adversaries and elite swagger was on full display on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

From Brady ripping an F-bomb on live national TV, to Patrick Mahomes drinking an “adult beverage” while speeding on a golf cart, it was euphoric for dads and dudes around the U.S. that wear Taylormade gear to church. And watch football.

Wisecracks aired out between the four QBs about each other’s tight-fitting shirts, tastefully executed with peak dad bods, and lack of championships on the young bucks’ side.

Rodgers may have scored the top quip of “The Match” after making a not-so-subtle jab at Pat Mahomes and his agonizing influencer brother, Jackson Mahomes.

When the guys were asked about their favorite social media apps, Rodgers’ answer was on target.

“Probably Instagram. It used to be Twitter when Twitter was fun,” Rodgers said. “Pat, I’m sure is a big TikToker. Runs in the family.”

Brady couldn’t help but rub his Lombardi-branded balls in Josh Allen’s face, asking him if he recognizes the revered trophy as the only member of the quartet not to win a championship.

Josh Allen had a trick up his sleeve, marking his golf balls with Brady’s waifish frame from his infamous 2000 NFL Combine picture.

Allen wasn’t afraid to laugh at his own expense after making a coin toss joke that triggered painful memories of the Buffalo Bills’ loss to Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs in the last season’s AFC Divisional Round.

The mental chess match was evident throughout the 12-hole course between the protégés and OGs.

Brady and Rodgers took an early lead through the first two holes before Mahomes and Allen tied from 3-7. The young guys took the lead in the eighth, with Mahomes nailing a birdie putt to go up.

After the two groups were split in the 11th, Aaron Rodgers went into playoff mode to close out the 12th and win it for the old guys.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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