Oklahoma High School Basketball Game Ends With Ridiculously Low Score After Team Takes Advantage Of Dumb Rule

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There is not a shot clock in Oklahoma high school basketball games, and two schools took full advantage of the idiotic omission on Tuesday night.

The battle between Anadarko and Weatherford turned into an absolute classic, but for all the wrong reasons.


Weatherford was the first team to score on Tuesday night, and its 2-0 advantage held all the way up until halftime. Anadarko simply held the ball up until halftime.

Yes, the score at halftime was 2-0. In a basketball game. Played by actual humans.

Weatherford came out firing in the second half and doubled up its lead to make it a 4-0 game.

Anadarko wasn’t going to go down without a fight, however. The Warriors were able to turn the Eagles over in the second half to cut the lead in half.

And then, the final buzzer sounded.

Weatherford 4, Anadarko 2.

According to AAU basketball coach Justin Meck, Anadarko had a three-point look to win the game, but tossed up a brick.

Meck also explained that Weatherford was happy to let Anadarko hold the ball the entire game and just sat in a zone.

Neither team should take any heat here, all criticisms should be directed at the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association for not living in the 21st century and not having a shot clock.

The teams simply took advantage of the foolish higher-ups that run high school athletics in the area.

As far as the actual players for both teams go, you almost have to applaud them for their discipline of not ignoring their coaching orders and playing an actual basketball game.

Maybe this 4-2 final score will finally convince the athletics association to put in a shot clock.

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Written by Mark Harris

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  1. In states with far-flung rural populations, like Oklahoma, it can be very challenging to get referees and clock operators to run a high school game. Distances are large between schools and technologies differ from district to district. Mandating a shot clock might cause cancellation of some games. That’s part of why its optional in some divisions.

    Many of these counties have fewer than ten residents per square mile and have day jobs to tend to. Just a factor to consider; this ain’t the NBA.

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