Pandemonium Ensues As Iowa High School Hooper Shatters Backboard With In-Game Alley-Oop Dunk

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What is in the water in southern Iowa?! In the span of 14 days, two teammates on the Waukee High School basketball team threw down two in-game dunks that are rarely seen on any level, let alone the high school level.

Five-star Iowa State commit Omaha Biliew got the party started on the second-to-last weekend in January. He causally went between his legs on a fast break and sent the gym into a frenzy.

Two weeks later, over this past weekend, Vance Peiffer jammed home an alley-oop and took the backboard with him. The game had to be moved to another gym because of his rim-rattling dunk.

Up 20 points with just over 30 seconds left in the third quarter, Peiffer got out in space. As he came up the left side of the court, his teammate brought the ball up on the right.

There was just one defender between the two of them and Peiffer started to signal for his point guard to lob it up, so he did. On the other end, Peiffer went up, jammed it home, and shattered the backboard in the process.

The entire gym went bananas over the grown man dunk and the reaction of the cheerleaders under the hoop is absolutely priceless. They, along with everybody in attendance, were in complete shock.

Here’s another look at the hammer and the packed house going mad:

Following Vance Peiffer’s dunk, the backboard was unplayable.

There was no way to continue the game on the same hoop, and high schools do not have the ability to make a quick fix and get back to the action. As a result, the game had to be continued in a smaller gym on campus.

Waukee went on to win 62-47, but the final score pales in comparison to the Shaquille O’Neal-esque dunk. It’s not often that a high schooler breaks the backboard!

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