Ohio State Reportedly Getting Outbid For Recruits By A Huge Margin

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The Ohio State Buckeyes are reportedly losing recruits because the program can’t write big enough checks.

In the era of NIL, boosters and people connected to programs have been throwing money all over the place to secure the top players.

Ohio State is the most recognizable brand in the B1G, but they’re apparently still struggling when it comes to setting up NIL deals.

Dave Biddle reported the Buckeyes missed out on a five star recruit because other teams were offering double. OSU reportedly couldn’t get over $750,000 for the unnamed player.

Ohio State is reportedly struggling in the NIL game.

Not only did Dave Biddle report that the Buckeyes lost out on a major recruit because other teams were offering more than double, but Chris McNeil also added some more context for the situation.

Georgia reportedly offered a kid $1.8 million in NIL cash to sign, and OSU couldn’t come up with more than $500,000 a season.

It’s hard to believe this is where we’re now at in college football, but it’s the new reality. It’s not changing so get used to it.

Players can finally profit, and that means money is going to be thrown around all over the place. The problem is that when $500,000 reportedly can’t secure a kid, you know things are a bit off the rails. This wasn’t the initial intention of NIL. It was meant for autographs, endorsements and appearances.

Now, players are just getting offered cash, and Ohio State is apparently falling behind. If OSU, the B1G’s most powerful program, can’t pay players enough, what is going to happen to teams like Purdue and Indiana? They have absolutely no hope at all.

Ohio State reportedly struggling to pay top recruits. (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

College football is definitely turning into the wild west when it comes to money. OSU better figure out a way to compete or they’re going to get left behind.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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  1. It’s all insane. And it’s the beginning of the end of college football. They should just release the entire thing from the schools and make it a minor league. Then, let them tryout and get paid based on whatever the market sees as their value. The schools would lose billions, so that won’t happen. But to even call this ‘college’ football any longer is ridiculous.

  2. “Left behind” by whom David? Not by any other team in the B1G and certainly not by your Badgers. The Buckeyes will be fine with recruiting. Do you honestly believe Ohio State “couldn’t” come up with the money? You can’t be that naive. Perhaps the powers that be at OSU didn’t think the recruit was worth that price tag. There’s a good chance he may not be. I’m sure there are some boosters in Miami who could talk to you about their poor ROI.
    OSU will still be at near the top in recruiting because they develop players at every position and send them to the NFL where the real money is made.

  3. Universities aren’t paying kids, the people organizing their NIL’s are paying them. OSU has so many VERY wealthy alumni that should be able to fund their NIL’s. Even MSState has an initiative operated by an alum that solicits funding/organizations to provide support.

    If OSU can’t get their crap together, their problem

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