Odell Beckham Jr. Shares Incredibly Obnoxious Reaction To Sha’Carri Richardson Being Kicked Off A Plane

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Odell Beckham Jr. is somewhat of an expert on acting like a child and being kicked off of a plane, so he decided to weigh in on Sha’Carri Richardson’s recent booting from a flight. Unsurprisingly, OBJ’s reaction was immature and utterly ridiculous.

Richardson, an American track and field star, was kicked off an American Airlines flight on Saturday. She posted the incident on Instagram that showed an altercation with a flight attendant.

Richardson claimed that the flight attendant asked her to stop talking on her phone prior to takeoff. She complied but didn’t appreciate the “tone” he used so decided to make an all-about-me scene on the plane.

Fellow passengers asked Richardson to stop the argument so the flight could take off, which only made her more upset.

“Y’all see him right? Y’all see him right? Y’all see him right? I’m sorry, it’s not me,” Richardson says in the video. “Talk to him. No ma’am. Do not talk to me like that. I’m an adult. Do not talk to me like that. Do not talk to me like that. Tell him to stop. If you do not know what’s going on, do not yell at me.”

Richardson was eventually escorted off of the plane while her fellow passengers applauded.

OBJ Reacts Like A Child To Sha’Carri Richardson Being Booted From Her Flight

OBJ reacted to the video by commenting “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT” with 11 laughing emojis. “BUTTT IM THE A–HOLE.”

Well, Odell, two things can be true at once.

While Richardson being kicked off of her flight was a bad look it doesn’t even compare to the absurdity surrounding Odell Beckham Jr.’s situation.

OBJ was found going in and out of consciousness on an American Airlines flight on November 27. He got frustrated with flight attendants asking him to put his seatbelt on, he refused to do so, and the entire plane had to deboard due to him acting like a four-year-old.

Bekcham Jr. then started bragging about how he’s flown on private jets before taking aim at a man on the flight calling him “fat” and “ugly.”

What we have here are two privileged individuals not knowing how to operate in society. OBJ and Richardson could have just listened to flight attendants, but instead acted like selfish children and act like they were the victims.

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  1. I wouldn’t really call her a star. She had a good season leading up to the last Olympics, but couldn’t stay off the weed so got suspended, she hasn’t won anything or had a decent showing since. She definitely was promising for a minute, hope she gets her sh** together and starts winning again.

  2. Even my old, pear shaped ass knows enough to not get into an argument with a flight crew. You will NEVER win that argument. Interfering with a flight crew is a federal offense that can get you put on the “no fly list”.
    OBJ and Richardson are just idiots.

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