Notre Dame Spoofs ‘The Hangover’ In Incredible Uniform Release Video

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Notre Dame won the day with an incredible uniform release video.

The Fighting Irish are gearing up for a massive 2022 football season, and we all know uniforms play a special role in the action.

Notre Dame spoofs “The Hangover.” (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

On October 8, BYU and Notre Dame will head to Vegas to do battle in the Shamrock Series, and the Fighting Irish dropped an all-time great uniform release video that spoofs the classic comedy film “The Hangover.”

Grab a beer and buckle up because the video is epic.

Is Marcus Freeman off to a hot start as the head coach of the Fighting Irish or is Marcus Freeman off to a very hot start with the Fighting Irish?

Notre Dame spoofs “The Hangover” in uniform release video. (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The answer is yes. That’s one of the best uniform release videos we’ve ever seen, and the season is still a month away!

The production quality was legit something out of Hollywood, and the callbacks to “The Hangover” were on point.

Marcus Freeman and the Fighting Irish spoof “The Hangover.” (Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

I’m not sure there’s any single way it could have been better. The ending was especially great with a guarantee to return to Vegas.

Whether Notre Dame beats BYU or not (they should roll the Cougars), I think it’s safe to say the Fighting Irish won the uniform release game by a million points. BYU might as well just pack it in and go home.

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