Northwestern President ‘Not Really Thrilled’ About The Big Ten Adding USC And UCLA, Leaves Door Open For More Expansion

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Northwestern Michael Schill isn’t the biggest fan of the Big Ten expanding.

The B1G will formally accept UCLA and USC next summer, and the move is part of the reason why the conference has locked down the most lucrative TV deal in the history of college sports.

The Big Ten will be on both coasts once the Trojans and Bruins join summer 2024. Fans are pretty excited for the new era of B1G action.

However, Schill apparently is much less enthusiastic about the situation.

UCLA and USC will join the B1G in 2024. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Michael Schill reacts to USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten.

Schill discussed the subject during a Monday Northwestern faculty assembly meeting, according to The Daily Northwestern, and made it clear he’s “not really thrilled” with the additions. He noted he remains “skeptical about the initial decision,” but left the door open to more West Coast teams coming in order to cut down on travel time.

In case you’re wondering what other west coast teams could be coming, Oregon and Washington are the two programs at the top of that list.

Northwestern’s president isn’t pumped about the Big Ten adding USC and UCLA. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

The B1G will likely expand at some point.

While Schill’s comments about not being thrilled about UCLA and USC are interesting, that’s a done deal. He can throw a tantrum if he wants, but it’s going to happen.

The Trojans and Bruins are coming to the Big Ten, divisions will be eliminated and a new era will be upon fans and programs starting next summer.

Much more interesting is the fact he left the door open for more west coast teams in order to cut down on travel time.

Will Oregon and Washington join the Big Ten? (Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s not a secret Oregon and Washington both want in the B1G. It’s been reported both have been cleared and vetted to join, but the Big Ten might be waiting to extend invitations until the PAC-12 collapses.

If the Big Ten decides to get real bold, it could shoot for Cal and Stanford as well and get the conference to 20 teams. That seems unlikely but nothing can be ruled out at this point.

College sports are changing in a big way. We can debate whether it’s a positive or negative. It’s simply happening. There’s no disputing it. What will the final product look like? That remains to be seen, but anyone who thinks realignment is done is an absolute fool.

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