Big Ten Waiting For PAC-12 Collapse To Invite Oregon And Washington: REPORT

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The Big Ten reportedly is waiting for the PAC-12 to collapse before pursuing further expansion.

USC and UCLA will leave the PAC-12 for the B1G summer 2024, and all eyes are now focused on what the west coast conference will do as it tries to land a new media deal.

So far, commissioner George Kliavkoff hasn’t been able to secure anything, and with every day that passes without a new media deal, the Big 12 starts to look more and more tempting for PAC-12 programs.

The latest update was Colorado’s chancellor indicating the conference would score a deal bigger than the Big 12’s. However, there’s nothing concrete to prove that’s real as of late April.

Will the Big Ten poach more teams?

There’s long been smoke swirling about the Big Ten adding Washington and Oregon for a reduced rate. The belief is both programs could be invited for annual payouts around $40 million.

However, it might not happen if the PAC-12 holds together. Jim Williams reported Saturday the B1G is waiting to see if Colorado, Utah, Arizona State and Arizona leave for the Big 12 before extending invites to the Ducks and Huskies.

If the PAC-12 collapses, it could drive Oregon and Washington’s negotiating power down. That could result in the programs joining the B1G on very friendly terms for the conference.

What will the B1G do?

From a logic standpoint, Jim Williams’ report makes a lot of sense. The Big Ten wants Oregon and Washington, but it wants expansion on great terms for the conference.

The Big Ten’s new media deal pays more than $1 billion annually. It’s the richest deal in the history of college sports. Getting Oregon and Washington at a discount without lowering payouts to current members would be a massive win.

If the PAC-12 is collapsing, Oregon and Washington’s negotiating power is gone. The programs would have to settle for what they’re offered. That number likely is in the ballpark of $40 million annually. It’s a steep discount compared to conference members, but still way more than they could earn in the Big 12 or a failing PAC-12.

Will Oregon join the Big Ten? (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The fate of the PAC-12 remains one of the most fascinating stories in sports. Will it survive or go down like the Titanic? Time will tell, but once the first domino falls, things could collapse very quickly.

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  1. The problem with that strategy by the B!G is that it makes Oregon and UW “2nd class citizens” of B!G from Day One. ….. Are the extra bucks for the other B!G members worth the resentment it will create?

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