No More Cowbell – Weak Warriors Ban Kings Fans From Bringing Them To Tonight’s Game

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The Golden State Warriors are so worried that they are going to lose tonight that they aren’t allowing Kings fans to bring cowbells.

Yes, you read that right.

The seven-time NBA Champions are acting as petty as Draymond Green does. “Cowbell? In this environment? Absolutely not!”

The Kings Lead 2-0 In The Best Of 7 Series

The Sacramento Kings were informed Wednesday of the Warriors decision to ban the instrument that has been synonymous with the Kings franchise for years. In a social media post, the team said that any fans bringing a cowbell would have to leave it at a bag check before the game.

The move comes after a hilarious video went viral of a fan cowbellin’ the heck out of Warriors General Manager Bob Myers during Game 2.

One has to wonder if the Warriors front office spoke with Steph Curry or any of the players before announcing the cowbell ban. If not, it should have because the ban comes across as weak and makes the team look scared and worried.

Think about all the mayhem and craziness that goes on during NCAA basketball games. You mean to tell me a HANDFUL of cowbells was really going to have that much of a dramatic effect that they had to ban them outright? You’d hope that NBA players making millions of dollars would be able to ignore them and just play the game.

The only thing that this does is make the Kings fans even more relentless.

Oh, and someone might want to remind the Warriors organization that their team would have to travel back to Sacramento for a Game 5 and a Game 7, if necessary.

And you just gave their fanbase the justification to play the loudest cowbells one has ever heard. I’m talking Will Ferrell on ‘Saturday Night Live’ style times a thousand.

That is, if the Warriors even get to a Game 5 after trailing 2-0 with Game 3 tipping off at 10pm ET tonight.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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