Nicolas Cage’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Was A Work Of Modern Art

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Nicolas Cage’s “60 Minutes” interview was the first must-watch content on CBS outside of sports in years.

For those of you might be living under a rock, Cage has been experiencing a bit of a career renaissance over the past few years.

After years and years of taking B-films for the paychecks to fix his tax issues, Cage is finally returning to the top of his game. In recent years, he’s starred in “Pig” and “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” and his latest movie “Renfield” recently premiered. Cage has done a lot of winning in recent years after one hell of a slump.

Nicolas Cage’s career is turning around after some tough years. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Nicolas Cage has been bouncing back.

“60 Minutes” sat down with the actor at his Las Vegas residence, and it was content gold. In fact, it’s hard to believe it was even real. Cage revealed he has an African crow and a black dragon lizard just hanging out in his house.

The famous “National Treasure” star said it’s “like having a real dinosaur in your house.” He also talked about the “dark” period when he ran into financial issues, and didn’t shy away from any issues. In fact, he even admitted some his his paycheck films were trash.

“Even if the movie is ultimately crummy, they know I’m not phoning it in. That I care every time, but there are those folks that are probably thinking the only good acting I can do is the acting that I chose to do by design, which was more operatic and larger than life and so called ‘Cage rage,’ but you’re not going to get that every time,” the legendary actor revealed.

You can watch the full interview below. It’s truly something else and downright awesome.

It’s great to see Cage winning again.

When Cage is at his best, he’s one of the best actors in Hollywood from an entertainment standpoint. The man is responsible for a ton of hits, including “Con Air,” “Face/Off,” “The Rock,” two “National Treasure” films, “Lord of War,” “Ghost Rider” and more.

However, he ran into serious financial issues, but made clear he never actually went bankrupt. He had to write checks totaling roughly $6 million to clear the slate.

That’s why he took so many random films that weren’t good. He just needed the money, and he’s open about it. That’s an attitude that’s about as rare as dinosaur sightings in the entertainment industry.

Nicolas Cage has successfully turned his career around. (Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images)

Nicolas Cage is an authentic guy.

One of the reasons people enjoy Nicolas Cage is because he seems like a legit dude. How many famous people would admit they desperately needed money?

Not many. Yet, he didn’t even hesitate. In a world full of frauds and fake people, authentic personalities shine.

That’s what Nicolas Cage is all about. He’s also a content machine. Let’s not forget one of the greatest lines in the history of recorded interviews.

“I don’t even like the word acting anymore. I don’t because it implies lying in some way. I don’t act. I feel and I imagine and I channel.”

The stuff of legend.

Cage is back, and that’s great news for entertainment fans. Hopefully, the “60 Minutes” interview was the beginning of a long string of fire content with the actor.

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