Nick Saban Gives Classic Saban Response When Asked His Pregame Music Playlist

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Don’t expect to ever find Nick Saban blasting music before Alabama takes the field.

Playing music before sporting events to get your mind in a place an athlete wants it to be is very common. I even know guys who would blast music before entering combat.

Music can help set the tone. It can help someone change their state of mind for better or worse. As we’ve covered at OutKick, even fans need a great pregame playlist.

Music and college football simply go hand-in-hand…..unless you’re the Alabama head coach.

Music before games isn’t Nick Saban’s cup of tea.

“I don’t understand this question,” the seven-time national champion initially said when asked about his pregame music selection during SEC Media Days.

“I don’t really listen to music before the game. You know, we always play ‘Gimme Shelter’ going home after the game, but I don’t listen to music before the game. I’m kind of thinking about, ‘Have we covered everything we need to cover? Are the players ready to go?’ And trying to anticipate what might be a problem in the game at some point,” Saban said after getting a little clarification.

While the Alabama head coach isn’t a big music fan himself before kickoff, he did admit tunes are bumping for most people on the squad.

This is a classic Saban response.

You think Saban is worried about firing up some Garth Brooks or Young Thug before the Crimson Tide take the field?

Think again. He’s busy anticipating every single thing that could go wrong. Saban is a dozen steps ahead of everyone else.

He’s seeing targets on the field that haven’t even presented themselves yet. The Alabama coach is locked in like a sniper. He’s reading everything around him waiting to strike.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban doesn’t have a pregame playlist. (Photo by Johnnie Izquierdo/Getty Images)

No time for George Strait, Jason Aldean or Morgan Wallen when you’re running the most iconic football program in the SEC.

The fact Nick Saban didn’t even understand what a playlist is so on-brand that it’s not even funny. Of course he doesn’t! The man is busy winning national titles. He’s not trying to build some playlist like it’s a college pregame party.

Plus, he really doesn’t have time to waste on music considering Paul Finebaum declared his legacy is on the line if he misses the College Football Playoff this season.

Nick Saban doesn’t listen to music before games. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

While Nick Saban might not be interested in cranking some tunes, we’ve got you covered here at OutKick to set the mood for football season. Enjoy.

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