10 Songs You Need On Your College Football Tailgate Playlist

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College football is only six days away, and it’s time to start building a great tailgate playlist.

Everyone knows a great tailgate sets the tone for Saturdays in the fall. A great tailgate can result in an awesome day no matter what happens on the field.

What are the best songs for a college football tailgate playlist? (Photo by Marvin Gentry/Getty Images )

A bad tailgate can sink your fun before kickoff. While there’s a lot of important parts of a tailgate (beer and food come to mind), there’s nothing more important than the playlist.

Fortunately for all of you, I’m here to give you the 10 songs you have to have on any college football tailgate playlist. Let’s jump in!

Take Me Home, Country Roads:

If there was a bracket to figure out the best classic song among regular, everyday bros, John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” would be a heavy favorite to win.

The moment you hear the opening chord, you feel a cool fall breeze brush against your face and you’re transported to a better and simpler time.

This is a MUST HAVE on any playlist related to sports and a good time.

Jump Around:

The famous House of Pain song has carved out its own place in the history of college football thanks to the Wisconsin Badgers.

Once the third quarter is in the books, the song blasts throughout Camp Randall and the place literally shakes. A great foundation piece for your playlist.

Drive (For Daddy Gene):

Is Alan Jackson the man or is Alan Jackson the man? The answer is yes, and while he’s had a lot of great songs, “Drive (For Daddy Gene)” just hits differently.

While it’s not related specifically to college football, it does play on the emotions a lot of fans in God’s country feel about their families.

Build Me Up Buttercup:

Another all-time classic song makes the list. Whenever you hear “Build Me Up Buttercup,” your dad automatically gets a bit brighter.

Enter Sandman:

Another classic song that already owns a piece of college football tradition. Virginia Tech enters to “Enter Sandman,” and it’s the kind of scene that gives fans chills every single time.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Hokies, “Enter Sandman” should get you in the proper mindset to watch your team unleash some hate on the gridiron.

Song of the South:

If you’re an SEC fan, there’s a very high chance this song from Alabama is already on your college football tailgate playlist.

However, if you’re not an SEC fan and are unfamiliar, go ahead and throw it on there. You can thank me later.

Sweet Home Alabama:

Much like “Country Roads,” Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” would be a very strong contender for greatest classic song ever recorded.

It’s impossible to hear “Sweet Home Alabama” and not sing along. Literally impossible. Make sure it’s on the list.

Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue:

Has there ever been a song that makes you want to kick butt more than Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue”?

The answer to that is no. The song was released eight and a half months after 9/11. America wanted blood, and we got it.

Despite the fact it’s more than 20 years old, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” is still a hit every single time!

Wagon Wheel:

While some of you might want the Darius Rucker version – which is a hit in its own right – we have to stick with the classic from Old Crow Medicine Show.

Not only is it just a great song, but it’s also so unbelievably easy to sing along with. When you’re on your sixth beer before kickoff, “Wagon Wheel” will rock your soul and get your guests going crazy.

Sweet Caroline:

Neil Diamond’s classic hit is a song that people from all generations love. Whether you’re in your 80s or 15, “Sweet Caroline” gets the job done.

Put it on the list, hit play and let Diamond’s voice take you away!

Those are the 10 songs you all need to have on your college football tailgate playlist. What songs did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

He also hosts of the podcast American Joyride that is accessible on Outkick where he interviews American heroes and outlines their unique stories. Before joining OutKick, Hookstead worked for the Daily Caller for seven years covering similar topics.

Hookstead is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.


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