Nick Kyrgios Admits To Throwing Matches Because Of Boston Celtics Games

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There are a lot of big Boston Celtics fans out there, but no one takes a Celtic loss on the chin quite like tennis star Nick Kyrgios.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the Aussie and Celtics super fan admitted that he has thrown his own matches after frustrating Boston losses.

SI’s Jon Wertheim asked Kyrgios if his Celtics fandom ever followed him onto the court. Kyrgios said it did and dropped a surprising admission.

“I’ve literally thrown tennis matches if they’ve lost in like, double overtime,” Kyrgios admitted. “If someone plays me and they know the Celtics have lost, that’s [their] chance. That is for sure your best chance [to beat me], to play me on that day.”


Nick Kyrgios Is Obsessed

Kyrgios’ Celtics obsession isn’t a secret. He even has the team’s name and a four-leaf clover in his Twitter bio.

That’s still a wild admission from a professional athlete, but if it was going to come from anyone, many would put their money on Kyrgios. The 27-year-old has a reputation for ruffling the feathers of the stodgy, traditionalist establishment of tennis.

Kyrgios has become known for antics that include berating officials and smashing rackets like he’s tennis’ answer to Pete Townshend.

Recently, the Canberra native has been in the news after being hit with a defamation suit from a fan he had removed from the Wimbledon final earlier this year.

He said the fan — who looked like she had had “700 drinks” — was ejected after Kyrgios claimed she was distracting him during serves.

Alright, he may have had a point with that one.

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