Zach Wilson's Mom Calls Out Radio Host Michael Kay For False Speculation About Her Family's Relationship With Jets Owner

Zach Wilson's mom, Lisa, is not sure what the future holds for her son. However, she is confident that her family's relationship with Jets owner Woody Johnson will not be the reason that the team chooses to keep her son in New York.

Zach, in his first two years with the organization, has been less-than-stellar. The former No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft has completed just 55.2% of his passes with 15 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. He has won just eight of 22 games played.

As a result of his early-career struggles, Zach was benched in favor of Mike White and/or Joe Flacco on multiple occasions in 2022. The team continues stand by their young quarterback amidst his on-field woes, and there is a lot of time for him to turn things around.

Zach is only 23 years old and was thrust into the starting role before he was ready, something that his offensive coordinator wishes was not the case. His career is nowhere near over. It has only just begun.

However, with that all being said, there is always the possibility that the Jets could choose to move on and cut him loose. New York could look to trade Zach Wilson during the offseason, even though its recent support would indicate otherwise.

"We’re committed to him," head coach Robert Saleh said earlier this week.

Should the Jets stick with Zach Wilson, it will not be because of his family's relationship with the team owner.

Earlier this week, New York radio host Michael Kay said that "someone close to ownership" told him that Zach Wilson is "definitely" returning to the Jets next year. He added that Johnson's "close" relationship with his quarterback's family could be why he remains on the team.

Lisa Wilson, Zach's mother, says that is entirely untrue. She responded to Kay's report on Instagram and completely shut it down.

Lisa said that her family only talked to Johnson one time— on the day after her son was drafted.

Although Lisa did not address whether Zach has received any indication about his future with New York, her response to Kay's comments made it abundantly clear that the latter half was complete fiction. Johnson and Jets ownership may want to keep their second-year quarterback for a third season, but not because they are close with Lisa, Michael, Josh, Whitney, Micah, Isaac, or Sophie Wilson.