Uh-Oh, DeAndre Hopkins Posts Cryptic Instagram Message Amid Trade Rumors

It's finally #CrypticSocialMediaMessage season, and Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins is kicking things off with a bang.

Less than 72 hours after the regular season ended, and two days removed from a report that the Cardinals could try to shop Hopkins this offseason, the All-Pro receiver decided to stir the pot on Instagram.

Hopkins, who has two years left on his deal, posted a picture of him in his Cardinals uniform longingly looking off into the distance with the simple caption, 'Forever grateful..."

Are the Cardinals trading DeAndre Hopkins?

It's the three dots at the end that does it for me. That's Passive Aggressive Subliminal Message 101 for athletes nowadays.

Hopkins might as well just take out an ad in the Arizona Republic at this point and thank Cardinals fans for a great (pretty miserable) few years.

D-Hop's cryptic message follows a recent report from The Score, saying the team plans to trade him this offseason. The 30-year-old still has two years and $34.36 million left on his contract.

Hopkins, a five-time Pro Bowl player and three-time All-Pro, will have a say in any potential landing spot because of his no-trade clause. 

He played in nine games this season after serving a six-game suspension for PED use, finishing with 717 yards and three scores.

He also appeared frustrated, at times, with (tiny) Kyler Murray, which probably won't help matters. Murray, by the way, apparently has a say in who the team hires as its next head coach.

What could go wrong?

Good luck, DeAndre!

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