Mic’d Audio Released From Cardinals Sideline Altercation Gives Insight Into DeAndre Hopkins’ Frustration With Kyler Murray

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Sunday’s game against the Seahawks did not go well for the Cardinals. Not only did they lose, but also their star quarterback and wide receiver got into a heated exchange on the sideline.

New audio from that argument provides a better understanding of what happened. It does not reflect particularly well on Kyler Murray.

Three minutes into the second quarter, down 10-7, Arizona took over on offense at its own 10-yard-line. A few short passes, a run, and a pair of penalties moved the chains for a first down, but what happened next was brutal.

On 1st-and-10, a pass to James Conner went for a loss of two. On the next play, a four-yard completion set up 3rd-and-8.

And then, after two consecutive false start penalties, it was 3rd-and-18. Murray took the snap and threw a short pass to Conner that was 12 yards short of a first down.

DeAndre Hopkins, who was split out to the right side, was open. Murray didn’t even look his way.

As the Cardinals punted the ball away, Hopkins and Murray got into it on the sideline. It was unclear as to what the altercation was about in the moment, though frustration was clearly at the forefront.

The context is no longer unclear. ‘Hard Knocks in Season’ is following the Cardinals with microphones and cameras throughout the season, and it provided a great glimpse at the exchange on Sunday.

As Hopkins walked off of the field following Murray’s check-down pass to Conner that did not reach the first down marker, he asked his quarterback what he was looking at in a condescending tone. Murray tried to explain himself, but his pass-catcher wasn’t having it.

“C’mon bro, that sh*t wide open,” Hopkins said about his route.

From there, head coach Kliff Kingsbury called his offense together. The jawing did not stop.

“I’m trying to win,” Hopkins repeatedly said to Murray as they walked over to the meeting.

Hopkins finished with four catches for 36 yards and a touchdown. Murray finished with 175 yards and two touchdowns passing without an interception and a team-high 60 yards rushing on eight carries.

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