Trevor Lawrence Probably Wants A Mulligan On His First Playoff Start

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence had a ROUGH start to his postseason career Saturday night against the Chargers.

I'm talking 'Tua Tagovailoa against the Packers with a concussion' rough.

Relax, I'm a Tua Stan, so I can say that.

Anyway, back to Trevor Lawrence, who threw not one, not two, but THREE interceptions against the Chargers Saturday night ... in the first quarter!


Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is an interception machine against Chargers

My goodness. I love Trevor Lawrence - LOVE the Jags and Duuuuuuuuuvallll - but what an awful start to his postseason career.

Things went south in a hurry for Trevor, too. He threw his first pick of the night two plays into the game.

OK, so that one's not all on Trevor. That right there is a damn Joey Bosa special. I hate when QBs get blamed for a tipped ball, but that's why they get paid the big bucks.

Anyway, that led to a Chargers score, which was followed nine plays later by ... another Lawrence INT.

Side note here: another A+ job by the Chargers' social media team. "picked" is such a passive aggressive caption, especially when you don't capitalize it. Power move.

That one wasn't great, and probably goes on both Trevor and the receiver. Not sure what happened there, but I don't think that's how Philly Special Doug Pederson drew it up.

While that pick led to only a field goal, Lawrence's third INT eventually made it a 17-0 game before some fans even found their handwarmers.

As you can see from the first video above, that one goes squarely on Trevor, who had no business throwing that ball there.

And how about this stat from the kind folks over at NBC: Trevor Lawrence came into the game with no interceptions in his last 222 passes. He had three over his first 12 passes Saturday.

Not great!

Anyway, at least Al Michaels finally gets to call a good primetime game this year ...

Sorry, Al. You deserve better.

UPDATE: Lawrence threw INT No. 4 seconds after this story was posted.

Not kidding.

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