Tom Brady's Final Touchdown Chart Reveals Impressively Unique Pattern, Falls Two Short Of 100 Different Receivers

Tom Brady is retired. Or so he says.

The greatest quarterback of all-time announced his decision to hang it up earlier this week and went out in a brief, fairly anti-climactic manner. He said his piece, hit post, and moved onto the next chapter of his career, which includes a $300+ million broadcasting deal and a step into Hollywood.

If this is really it, which Brady says that it is, his career numbers speak for themselves. The 45-year-old had a remarkable run that will almost certainly not be matched, ever.

Brady spent most of his career with New England, obviously, so Robert Kraft wants his former quarterback to retire with the Patriots. However, he also won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers.

Between the two teams, Brady threw 737 touchdown passes over the course of his 23 seasons in the league. Nearly 100 different pass-catchers were on the receiving end of one of his six-point tosses.

Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to 98 different receivers.

Two of them, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, caught a touchdown pass from TB12 on both of his two teams. The latter caught the most touchdowns from Brady, more than doubling-up Julian Edelman's 41 touchdown catches.

Seeing Brady's receiver chart broken down visually really puts how impressive it is in perspective:

It also reveals an interesting trend. Over the course of his career, Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to eight different players that wore No. 88.

Think about that for a second. Beyond the whole "eight 88" coincidence, that is downright crazy.

Brady played for so long that he saw eight different players wear the same number and threw a touchdown pass to all eight of them. There is no other player in NFL history that can claim the same feat, and it's hard to imagine that it will ever happen again!