The Russell Wilson Situation In Denver Sounds Like It's About To Boil Over

Russell Wilson has become so intolerable he's apparently started to lose the Denver Broncos' locker room.


According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Wilson - who signed a mammoth contract with the Broncos this past offseason - won't be receiving many Christmas cards this holiday season due to his stinky play on the field and worn out shtick off of it.

“One of the things that I’ve consistently heard about it is Nathaniel Hackett, for everything that has gone wrong, and everything that people are saying about his job right now, he has not lost that locker room," Pelissero said Tuesday on 'The Insiders.'

"Russ has lost some people around that team. He has lost some people in that locker room."

Russell Wilson stinks and so do the Broncos

Gee, Tom, can't imagine who hates Russell Wilson?!

Could it be defensive tackle Mike Purcell, who went NUTS on Russ as he walked off the field Sunday? Or maybe it's friends of former RB Melvin Gordon, who was caught giving Wilson the stink eye earlier this season?

Maybe it's just anyone in there with half a brain and eyeballs and can't stand overpaying someone to do high-knees in an airplane and STINK at the same time?

Just a thought.

Wilson signed a mega deal with the Broncos last spring, and it's been a disaster since the word 'Go.'

There was the 'Let's Ride' fiasco. The Subway commercials. The corny postgame pressers. The airplane aerobics. And, of course, there's the fact that he's been terrible at his job and Denver has the worst offense in the NFL.

Through 10 games, Wilson has thrown for 2,369 yards, eight touchdowns, and five interceptions. His offense, meanwhile, has scored over 20 points in a game two times.

Yep. All seems like a pretty good recipe for losing fellas in the locker room.

Let's ride!

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