The Philadelphia Eagles Are Donating $400K To Help Stop Gun Violence

The Philadelphia Eagles donated over $400,000 to help support violence prevention efforts.

The organization and its Eagles Social Justice Fund will award the money through grants to nine local nonprofits. $300,000 will go towards violent prevention programs that will give jobs to those affected by gun violence. The other $100,000+ will be directed towards children and adults to help increase their "financial literacy and grow their personal wealth."

The team released a details of their initiative on their official website.


In the Eagles press release, the team cited statistics by the City Controllers' Office. They reported that "at least 57 city blocks in Philadelphia have had 10 or more people shot since 2015." They mention that unemployment and a higher poverty rate are a direct correlation to the rise in criminal activity.

The Eagles hope that their donations will focus on these areas of concern.

Eagles running back Miles Sanders addressed the growing crime situation in Philadelphia. He wants the team's efforts to help where they can.

"A lot of these kids look up to guys like us. And it's our responsibility to provide a source of inspiration for them and show them there is a way out. We can do this by investing in programs and initiatives that address the root causes of poverty and provide opportunities for those who have been trapped in it for far too long," Sanders told


If you've been following the OutKick Crime Files, many of America's cities are an absolute mess. Every week I'm writing about lawlessness running wild and criminals being let back on the streets. There seems to be something that has happened in recent years that many people just don't feel as safe anymore.

Be it New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Philadelphia - the criminal chorus is the same.

Philadelphia imparticular, recently voted to permanently extend a 10pm curfew for anyone under the age of 18.

Meanwhile, crime has gotten so bad around the city that many popular chains like Starbucks now close early, or are contemplating closing altogether. Even Wawa has threatened to leave if the city doesn't do something about the increase in crime.

Hopefully the Eagles' donation will start the change that is needed to bring back a sense of security to the community.

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