Texans Rebuffing Trade Inquiries On Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson supposedly doesn't want to play quarterback for the Houston Texans anymore. And the Houston Texans don't seem to care.

Instead, the Texans are telling inquiring minds that Watson is not available, per Adam Schefter of ESPN. "Watson still wants out of Houston and does not want to play for the Texans any longer," Schefter wrote. "But no matter how many calls they receive on Watson, the Texans insist they will not trade him, according to sources."

While opposing teams have accepted the Texans' uncomprimising stance, they remain hopeful the organization will change its mind. But that's not about to happen, Schefter reported.

Of course, teams say that sort of thing all the time. That sort of position tends to drive up the asking price for a player. But opposing teams also know that Watson wants out -- something that drives the asking price right back down. Round and round it goes, where Watson winds up, nobody knows.

Along with the Watson rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly closing in on a trade involving QB Carson Wentz, and the New York Jets are said to be taking calls on QB Sam Darnold.