Carson Wentz Sweepstakes Is In Full Swing

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We are right in the middle of watching the Carson Wentz situation unfold. At this point, connections have been made to several teams, but nothing definitive is on the horizon. We do know he is likely to be traded sometime within the next few days, however.

The rumors and speculation continues, and some of the latest thoughts come from Joe Banner. On Saturday, Paul Domowitch with The Philadelphia Inquirer sat down with the former Eagles president to discuss the situation surrounding Wentz.

There are several great tidbits in there, but his thoughts about the Rams-Lions trade with Matthew Stafford were interesting. Detroit was able to land an impressive haul of picks because they created a demand — or a bidding war.

“Here’s the analogy to the Wentz situation. The reason the Lions were able to get so much was because they were able to create a bidding war (for Stafford). They had multiple teams interested. In that position, you can actually get teams to overpay. The question on Wentz and his compensation is, if the Eagles are able to get multiple teams seriously interested and get them to bid against each other, then getting a No. 1, or a No. 1 and another pick, is plausible to me.”

People have been all of the place with pick compensation for Wentz. Some believe he’s worthy of at least a first-round pick. Others believe the Eagles should part with some sort of draft capital in order to get a team to take Wentz off their hands.

In other words, Wentz is viewed a lot more like Jared Goff, and a lot less like Matthew Stafford.

We will have to wait and see where things land. But dead cap and other financial factors will play a major role, whether it’s for Philadelphia or the team adding the former No. 2 overall pick from the 2016 NFL Draft.

Another question that will need to be answered: where do the Eagles go at quarterback? Some believe a quarterback at No. 6 is possible. Others, myself included, think the franchise should build around second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts.

The former Heisman runner-up was a second-round pick a season ago, and he displayed plenty of potential in his rookie season. He also did it with severe limitations at wide receiver and with the offensive line.

Philadelphia should work on building the talent around him, rather than trying to find his competition.

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  1. Anyone who watched Jaylen Hurts in college should know that he is not an NFL caliber quarterback. The reason he ended up losing his job at Alabama was that he couldn’t through an accurate pass more than 10 yards down field. And he didn’t have any limitations at wide receiver to blame it on. That didn’t change at Oklahoma and I’ve seen no evidence that it has changed with the Eagles.

    Carson Wentz is taking the heat for an ineffective offensive line and a depleted wide receiver corps. His salary is high, but a team with a decent offensive line should grab him.

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