Scott Hanson Takes Shot At ESPN Over Aaron Judge Cut-Ins During NFL RedZone

Scott Hanson plays a very big role in Sundays across America, and even the globe. The legendary host of NFL RedZone takes fans around the country to show every single touchdown of every single game.

It is his promise to never waver from his duties. To do so, Hanson eats just one banana and drinks one bottle of water over the course of seven hours of commercial-free football. He has taken just one bathroom break since the show began in 2009.

Scott Hanson is a hero amongst us.

On Sunday, he only increased his legend by taking a jab at ESPN over its bizarre, frustrating decision to show Aaron Judge at-bats during college football games. The Yankees slugger has been in pursuit of the American League, single-season home run record for a few weeks now and ESPN has cut-in to live sporting broadcasts, particularly college football, to show Judge at the plate each and every time.

Judge watch has infuriated many football fans across the country. Even New Mexico State, one of the worst teams in the FBS, had jokes about the ridiculous broadcast decision.

Scott Hanson also had jokes about the Aaron Judge cut-ins.

On Saturday, as ESPN cut-in to its college games for Judge, someone asked the RedZone host if they would be doing the same. Hanson made it VERY clear that he would not, and threw serious shade.

He took a shot at the pitchers who are intentionally walking Judge to avoid giving up the record and took a shot at ESPN in the process.

Hanson took another jab on Sunday. When RedZone made its first move to a split-screen, he joked that there was not a dual broadcast that included any baseball.

Hanson is the best and he never misses. For him to take aim at ESPN's cut-ins only makes him that much more likable.