New Mexico State Trolls ESPN For Cutting Into College Football Broadcasts To Show Live Aaron Judge At-Bats

ESPN did not make any friends with college football fans last weekend and it is not doing itself any favors again this weekend. Even New Mexico State has jokes at the sports broadcasting network’s expense.

New Mexico State ESPN Aaron Judge At-Bat College Football Look-in
Even New Mexico State, one of the worst teams in football, took a dig at ESPN. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Aaron Judge continues his quest for history this weekend. The Yankees slugger is just one home run away from an American League record.

Should Judge hit his 62nd home run before New York’s regular season finale before next Wednesday, he will hold the official record for most dingers in a single American League season, passing Roger Maris. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa all passed the 61-mark during their careers, but they played in the National League.

If Judge can get one more, he will hold the American League record at 62. As a result, the entire baseball world is on Judge watch.

However, ESPN is taking things too far. Again.

While Judge was in pursuit of home run No. 61 last weekend, the network upset college football fans with its coverage. As college games were being played live on-air, especially during Clemson/Wake Forest, ESPN would cut into the broadcast each time that Judge stepped up to the plate.

Where the college football game should have covered the full screen, it got reduced to a split-box alongside the Yankees game. It was very irritating for anyone who did not care about baseball, the record, or New York — so likely the vast majority of those watching — and football fans were furious.

Well, despite the outcry against the broadcast decision, ESPN is doing it again this weekend. It will cut to a split-screen broadcast for every Judge at-bat until he hits No. 62.

To get ahead of the frustration, Houston let its fans know what was going to happen before its game against Tulane on Friday night. Judge look-ins will disrupt the broadcast.

And boy, did they.

In response to the significant pushback to Houston’s news, New Mexico State decided to have some fun at ESPN’s expense. The Aggies, who are terrible, let their fans know that everyone who is watching their game against Florida International will not have to deal with the Aaron Judge at-bat cut-ins.

ESPN got got by one of the worst teams in college football. That would be like the As ripping ESPN, for baseball fans. Brutal. You love to see it.


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  1. I cannot believe that I SUPPORT ESPN’s decision !!!! This was not “an NFL Heidi cut-away” ….. football fans were NOT deprived of any live action … and there is/was national interest in Judge’s HR pursuit. The cut-aways only lasted 2-3 minutes …. geeezzzzz.

    That humans actually get upset about something as innocuous as this is proof what a F’d-Up society we have become. ANY excuse to condemn Horrible ESPN is OK but this is a silly one.

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