Nick Chubb 'Questioning Everything' In Cartoon-Filled Hype Video

Nick Chubb says he's 'tired of losing'

We ready to run through a brick wall yet?! The Browns have largely disappointed since drafting Chubb in 2018, although it's hard to blame the former Georgia star. Chubb is a three-time Pro Bowler, was an All-Pro last season and has 36 rushing touchdowns in four seasons. Cleveland, however, has largely STUNK. The Browns made the playoffs two years ago and actually won a game, but have missed the postseason every other season and Chubb is OVER it. Naturally, that's when the bat signals comes up and flashes Chubb's name.

"All the years of pain and suffering has brought the city to a state of despondency," Chubb says. "Everyone is expecting something different. Every year it's the same thing. The city is tired of being embarrassed, tired of all the pain, and ... tired of all the losing. So am I. "Five years in, with nothing to show for it, really has me questioning everything." Unfortunately for Chubb, a turnaround this year seems highly ... unlikely. The team rolls into the season with Jacoby Brissett under center for the first 11 weeks as Deshaun Watson serves his suspension, and the AFC is LOADED. Not a great recipe for picking up the city of Cleveland, but crazier things have happened I suppose. In any event, Chubb should have the guys at least fired up for Sunday's game against old friend Baker Mayfield and the Panthers.  Better not lose that one, either. If you thought Cleveland was despondent before, just wait until Danger Baker hangs a 'W' on them.

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