Browns RB Nick Chubb Crushes High School Weight Room

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Browns running back Nick Chubb should probably avoid the local Planet Fitness. First and foremost, they’re most certainly not going to have enough weight for him to throw around. And secondly, those working out alongside him won’t be able to contain their judgement, despite PF labeling themselves as a Judgement Free Zone.

Chubb, the mild-mannered monster of a running back, recently returned home to his alma mater, Cedartown High School (Ga.), to prepare for the upcoming season. In the midst of training within Cedartown’s Williams Strength Facility, Chubb went viral and sent current the school’s current players through the roof with his insane lifts.

The 26-year-old, who already has three 1,000 yard rushing seasons under his belt, was filmed cleaning more than 400 pounds with ease. Tossing eight plates and a bar to the ground the same way he does would-be tacklers.

Chubb, notoriously quiet with a personality that’s more Barry Sanders than Deion Sanders, captioned a video of the clean by writing: “Everyone wants to be the man until it’s time to work like the man.”

Once Chubb finished dominating the cleans, he turned his attention to an unwilling squat rack that somehow decided to bend but not break as the Browns superstar knocked out two quick reps of a cool 610 pounds.

You can label Chubb “That Dude,” “Certified Dawg,” “Stud,” or anything else currently in vogue. Just don’t get in his way.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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