New Details Paint Deshaun Watson As Possibly The Horniest Client In Massage Therapy History

If you thought the Deshaun Watson story was just going to fade away as the NFL season inches closer to training camp, you would be mistaken.

In a new blistering report from the New York Times, we learn that the former Houston Texans quarterback met with 66 women for massages over a 17-month period and was even provided with a nondisclosure agreement from the Texans to have women sign when they were paid for services.

While Watson was able to avoid criminal charges in two cases that went to grand juries in Texas, the new Browns quarterback who has a fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million contract sure has left a treasure of information for reporters to dig through.

Here are the big takeaways from the Times' investigation, which Watson's attorney Rustin Hardin denies.


Keep in mind, Watson admitted during depositions to some elements of the Times' reporting:

• The Texans, according to the paper, provided Watson with the nondisclosure and a hotel for massage appointments.

• There were 66 women hired over 17 months; one woman who didn't sue or go to police says the QB was "begging" her to stick her mouth on his penis. “And that’s when I went into asking him, ‘What is it like being famous? Like, what’s going on? You’re about to mess up everything,’” she told the paper.

• Watson wrote on Instagram during an exchange where he was trying to set up an appointment with a woman that he was "Just tryna support black businesses." In a new lawsuit, a therapist says she was told by the quarterback that he "really wanted to support" black businesses.


• Watson wanted women to meet him at The Houstonian hotel where the Texans got him a membership.

• One woman hired by Watson says he was persistent and initiated sexual contact in three straight appointments. This woman says Watson got in a yoga pose and asked her to massage between his testicles and his anus. The massage therapist claims she laughed and he grabbed her hand and "put her hand there," according to the Times. She further adds that Watson had sexual intercourse with her twice, but she didn't try to stop him. “I just didn’t know how to tell him no,” the woman said.

• A woman who filed a case last week against Watson says that he asked her to stick her fingers up his butt. In a second appointment, the woman claims Watson asked if she wanted to perform oral sex on him. And he did it again in their third appointment.

• A former Secret Service agent named Brent Naccara, who was the director of security for the Texans, provided Watson with a nondisclosure agreement to have women sign.

• Watson admitted during deposition questioning that the Texans provided him with "a place" at The Houstonian, a hotel that receives high marks on Google Reviews.

• Seven women say they met him there for massage appointments.

While the criminal element of the Watson saga seems to have passed, the NFL is now conducting its own investigation and will then decide if there should be a penalty associated with his conduct.


The Times reports that the civil lawsuits will likely be tried in court after the football season if there's no movement to settle them this summer.

"I can barely get Peace Hardly.

"Talk like they all in, I see,

"all these people just wanna scheme, I just wanna be. 4OVE," Watson wrote on Instagram in late May.

Ladies, the guy was just tryna support black businesses. That's all. Right?

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