Logan Ryan Wouldn't 'Close The Door' On Rob Gronkowski Returning

More speculation is swirling that Rob Gronkowski's playing days might not be over.

The four-time Super Bowl champion pulled the trigger on retiring again after this past season, but that hasn't stopped people from questioning whether or not he'll return.

His girlfriend Camille Kostek recently teased a potential return, and you can now add former teammate Logan Ryan to the list.

During an appearance on "Good Morning Football," the defensive back for the Buccaneers said he wouldn't "close the door" on Gronk returning for some more NFL action.

It really does seem like a lot of people aren't buying the idea of Gronk retiring for good. He already retired once when he was with the Pats, and that obviously only lasted a year.

Now, he's retired again, and it remains to be seen if his decision is permanent or will change. His possible return is one of the biggest stories in the sport!

It's also worth remembering that Gronkowski has a lot of money in the bank, a model for a girlfriend and he seems to be enjoying his rest and relaxation. Could he eventually return? Sure, but right now, he seems to be loving life outside of football!

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