Lamar Jackson Instagram Post Raises Questions, Puts Ravens In Crosshairs

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is set to be one of - if not the biggest - story of the NFL offseason, and it looks like we're in for a rollercoaster.

In typical 2023 fashion, Jackson kicked off the offseason with a cryptic Instagram post that nobody has any idea how to interpret.

Lamar Jackson Instagram post may have taken a shot at the Ravens

What does it MEAN, Lamar?! We're on an absolute roll right now with passive aggressive social media messages from disgruntled NFL players, and this doozy from Jackson is just the latest.

Seems to me there are two obvious ways to look at this ... either Lamar's talking about his injury and not wanting to risk further damage to his knee by playing in the playoff game, OR he's talking about the Ravens not extending him before the season.

Either one sounds plausible to me, and I'm on board with both. Baltimore should probably just pay the man and be done with it, and if he wasn't right for Sunday's game, I'm not sure it's worth risking anything when you still don't have that first contract secured.

I've got news for you, folks ... NFL players are all playing for that first contract. That's the big one. That's the generational wealth you hear people talk about.

That's why anyone who says Tua Tagovailoa is retiring because of a couple concussions is silly.

Ain't happening - not until he secures that bag, first.

And guess what? Maybe if the Ravens had paid Lamar last offseason and locked him up, he would've played last night. Got nothing to lose at that point, right?

But what if he played, with no guaranteed contract or money, and got his knee torn to shreds and turned into the next RGIII?

Robert Griffin III was Lamar Jackson before Lamar Jackson was Lamar Jackson. Now he's an ESPN analyst making hilarious sexual references on national TV.

Not a bad second act, but my guess is RGIII would've rather not played in that playoff game way back when and instead secured the bag for his kids, and his kid's kids.

Just guessing.

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