Josh Allen Is A Maniac For This Pregame Handshake Routine

Josh Allen is a monster during NFL football games, but what the Buffalo Bills' QB does BEFORE kickoff may be even more impressive.

Allen, the hottest QB on the planet right now and the absolute front-runner for league MVP, is the star of a pregame handshake circle that will leave your head spinning.

Buckle up, and take notes.

Josh Allen crushes pregame handshakes, then pummels players for 60 minutes

My God. Incredible stuff. To me, that is FAR more impressive than what Allen does on the field, and I think he's by far the best QB in the NFL.

Just think of the sheer muscle memory all of that takes. Memorizing just one of those routines seems daunting in itself, and Allen does 12.


Talk about being quick on your feet ... Allen goes rapid fire through this circle, which is most likely in a different order every game, and has to know exactly who he's working with with every movement.

I've watched it 10 times and I can't stop analyzing it like the Zapruder film.

You've got the 'Hee-Haw,' which is simple and gets the blood flowing.

You transition to the frisky business, followed by a couple quick ones with the Buffalo Bills' O-Line that includes one of my personal faves:

'Hey, put it there, fellas,' with a nice little handshake.

I don't know what in the world this was with Gabe Davis, or what was being said, but I LOVE it.

It gives our man Josh a little time to be one with his thoughts, close his eyes and take a deep breath before pummeling guys for the next 60 minutes.

Finally, you end with a couple banger shakes with Devin Singletary and Stefon Diggs and call it a night.

The whole thing lasts 30 seconds and Allen nails every single handshake like the legend he is.

Give this man the damn MVP TODAY!

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