Joe Flacco, 37, Jumps Terrible Zach Wilson, Will Start For Jets Against Dolphins

Zach Wilson is so, so, so bad, that the New York Jets are rolling out 37-year-old Joe Flacco Sunday against the Dolphins after ruling out Mike White.

That's right. The Jets, with literally nothing to play for other than next season, are starting Flacco - who very well could be on the cusp of retiring - instead of their young first round QB, Zach Wilson.

What a time to be alive!

Dolphins will need to beat Joe Flacco to make the playoffs

"Flacco gives us the best chance to win" is such a wild sentence to read in the year 2022. But you know what? Robert Saleh is 100% right, and the Dolphins should be BUMMED by this news.


Some fans will look at this and say, wow, Miami just got a bye into the playoffs. Nope. Not if you're a miserable Dolphins fan like me.

I remember back in 2013 when all the Dolphins had to do was beat Geno Smith and Rex Ryan at home in Week 17 and they'd be in the playoffs. What happened? Ryan Tannehill threw a billion picks and the Jets won, 20-7.

The next year, with Miami still in playoff contention and needing a win against the Jets at home in Week 17, Geno Smith finished the game with A PERFECT PASSER RATING and the Jets won, 37-24.

So yes, I fully expect 37-year-old Joe Flacco to look like 2012 Flacco again and TORCH the Dolphins to keep them out of the playoffs.

To be fair, Miami is also starting seventh-rounder Skylar Thompson because Tua can't stay healthy and Teddy Bridgewater's pinkie is in shambles, so it's not exactly ham and eggs on the other side of the field, either.

Still, the writing's on the wall here ...

The Jets HATE Zach Wilson and would rather start a washed up veteran in a meaningless season-finale.

AND, that washed up vet will almost assuredly win.

Book it!

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