JK Dobbins Starts Offseason By Torching Ravens Coaches For Dumb Calls

JK Dobbins went scorched earth on the Baltimore Ravens after Sunday night's wild card loss in Cincinnati, bemoaning his lack of touches and also giving Lamar Jackson a shoutout along the way.

Thanks to one of the crazier goal-line plays you'll ever see - and a lucky bounce on the final play of the game - the Bengals escaped wild card weekend with a 24-17 win over the Ravens.

It was a valiant effort from a depleted Ravens team that's been without Jackson for six weeks now, and it was probably one fluky play away from pulling off the shocker.

But don't tell that to JK Dobbins, who was in NO MOOD for moral victories after the game.

"He should have never been in that situation," Dobbins said of QB Tyler Huntley's fumble at the goal line in the fourth quarter that led to a 99-yard touchdown the other way.

"I don't get a single carry. I didn't get a single carry. He should never have been in that situation. I believe I would have put it in the end zone, again. I'm a guy who feels like I should be on the field all the time. It's the playoffs. Why am I not out there?"

JK Dobbins shreds Ravens coaching staff for not giving him the ball

Tell us how you really feel, JK!

Frankly, he's 100% right. Dobbins has been electric over the past month after his knee was repaired for like the eighth time, and he was the most explosive Ravens player on offense again Sunday.

You wanna know how many touches he got on that ill-fated drive that ended with Sam Hubbard rumbling 99 yards the other way? Zero. Gus Edwards got four, including the ball on second and goal before Huntley tried the sneak one play later.

I don't know ... seems like Dobbins, who finished with over 100 total yards and a touchdown, maybe should've gotten a touch or two down in the red area? Just spit-balling here.

Anyway, what's done is done, and the Ravens are now making tee times instead of travel plans for the divisional round. Sad.

"I should be the guy. I'm tired of holding that back," Dobbins said. "I'm a playmaker. I'm a guy that my teammates feed off me when I'm on the field.

"If we'd have had Lamar, we'd have won too."

Can't argue with that!

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