JJ Watt Melts Down In Surprise Farewell Video That'll Empty Your Kleenex Box

JJ Watt rode off into the NFL sunset after Sunday's finale against San Francisco, and the Cardinals made sure he went out in style.

In a now-viral clip of the team's final episode of HBO's in-season Hard Knocks, the team surprises Watt with a star-studded 'goodbye' video filled with Tom Brady, T.J. Watt, his parents, wife and newborn son.

Shockingly, it took about three seconds for Watt to lose it. Good luck not reaching for Mr. Kleenex yourselves.

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning appear in JJ Watt video

Look, the Cardinals are a pretty hilarious dumpster fire right now. Kliff Kingsbury was just canned after a pretty terrible tenure, GM Steve Keim stepped down, and, for some idiotic reason, the team is apparently giving Kyler Murray input on the next head coach.

Not great!

All that being said, this is good work here. JJ Watt is NFL royalty, a first ballot Hall of Famer, and clearly still has plenty left in his 33-year-old tank.

But he's choosing to go out on his own terms to spend time with his new kid and wife, and he deserves all the praise he gets in this video.

Tom Brady makes a cameo, so does Dak Prescott (which is kinda weird?), Peyton Manning, brothers TJ and Derek, his parents, wife and newborn son, Koa. Watt loses it pretty immediately, and the waterworks flow the entire time.

Good stuff from the Cardinals, and a tip of the cap to JJ Watt. Hopefully he can do some more TV now, because he was underrated as hell in New Girl.

Look it up and thank me later.

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