Jets WR Elijah Moore Asks For Trade After Sending Cryptic Tweets & Missing Thursday Practice To Take 'Personal Day'

UPDATE: Wide receiver Elijah Moore has officially asked the New York Jets to trade him, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. Rapoport is also reporting that the Jets do not plan to deal the second-year wideout.

In addition, two Jets beat reporters believe that Moore will be receiving another "personal day" ... except this one will come Sunday.

It's ironic that Moore would be replaced in the lineup by Denzel Mims, who requested a trade from the Jets in August.

Earlier Thursday:

The New York Jets are 4-2 this season and have so far exceeded most everyone's expectations for their first six games. That means everything should be kosher in New Jersey, right? Apparently, not for wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Moore was expected to be a big part of the Jets' offense this season, even after the team used one of its first-round picks on Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson. However, that has not panned out. Moore has just 16 catches for 203 yards and no touchdowns in six games this season. He was not targeted during the team's most recent victory over Green Bay.

Moore allowed his frustration to show with a postgame tweet on Sunday. ESPN Reporter Rich Cimini noted that Moore was not targeted in the Green Bay game and Moore quote tweeted Cimini and said, "If I say what I really wanna say... I'll be the selfish guy... we winning ... Just know I don't understand it either."

Moore has since deleted the tweet, but the Internet doesn't forget.

Elijah Moore Wasn't Done Tweeting

Despite sending and later deleting the frustrated tweet, Moore wasn't done tweeting this week. He sent out a pair of cryptic tweets on Thursday and then missed practice, causing many to try to read into the situation.

The first stated, "God makes no mistakes.... I trust u through it Allllllll…"

The second, which came about an hour later, simply read, "Love my teammates!"

Of course, after sending those tweets and then not showing up at practice, buzz began to circulate that there might be an issue with Elijah Moore. However, Jets coach Robert Saleh says that the absence was excused, and he was granted a "personal day."

Timing is Everything

More than likely, this is nothing. Players are humans and they have families and sometimes they have to miss work. They are just like us. (UPDATE: This was more than nothing.)

However, Elijah Moore needs to understand that coming off a deleted tweet about being frustrated, he should probably be more careful about using social media. Especially right before an excused absence, which he knew would raise questions.

People are looking for a reason to talk about him and he provided it. Maybe that's the plan in the grand scheme of things. If we're talking about Elijah Moore, then we're not focusing on quarterback Zach Wilson's 56% completion percentage and 1-2 TD-INT ratio. For his part, Zach Wilson defended the second-year wide receiver out of Ole Miss.

The NFL trade deadline is on November 1st and after seeing disgruntled Robbie Anderson get sent from the Carolina Panthers to the Arizona Cardinals, Elijah Moore may be angling for the same. There are plenty of teams who need wide receiver help and could use him. The Green Bay Packers immediately jump to mind, as do the Baltimore Ravens.

But other teams and coaches are surely noticing how Moore behaves when he's upset. They'll have to decide if his talent and upside are worth the headache.

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