Jameis Winston Makes Up For 'Eat A Dub' Speech With FIRE Rap

Jameis Winston has been benched for Andy Dalton, but the New Orleans Saints QB isn't letting the haters get him down.

Ahead of the Saints' absolute drubbing of the Las Vegas Raiders, Winston got the fellas FIRED UP by dropping a couple bars that had them ready to run through a wall.

No, seriously!

Jameis Winston helps Saints despite benching

Honestly, it's not terrible. Look, we've seen WAY worse from Jameis Winston before a game, and you all know exactly what I'm talking about.

Eat that 'dub, Jameis!

That's still one of the weirder things I've ever seen on a football field, and I once saw a fan literally watch a play from the 10-yard-line without anyone noticing.

You can tell right off the bat Jameis' teammates have no idea what's going on, and have zero buy-in. When he weirdly contorts his fingers and starts sucking them, and literally nobody says a word, he should've just bailed on the whole bit.

But anyway, this isn't about the past. This is about the present, and it appears our man Jameis has learned from his mistakes, gone back to the drawing board and cooked up and actual banger pregame rap.

"I gotta go hard, I gotta go in, and all we gotta do is get a motherf***ing win!"

Full transparency, I have zero clue if this is actually a good rap or not. Literally none. I'm just going off the reaction from his teammates in this one compared to 'Eat The Dub' debacle, and it's not even close.

Plus, you know, the Saints then went out and absolutely demolished the terrible Raiders, 24-0. I know Jameis didn't play, but I can't help but think that win should go on his career resume, too.

Hope you get back on the field soon, Jameis. We need less Andy Dalton, and way more Winston bars and bombs.

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