Gardner Minshew Reveals He's Been Living In A Bus, Is Selling It For Only $25,000

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew has a unique living situation.

The former Washington State gunslinger revealed in a recent Instagram video he's been living in a bus since February. Now, he wants it to go to a loving home!

"I am selling my baby in Philly. This former inmate transport bus has been completely rehabilitated and would be perfect as a tailgater(for Birds games), semi or permanent residence, and obviously and most tastefully as a love shack baby," Minshew wrote on the Instagram post giving fans a look at his home.

Only $25,000? He's selling it for only $25,000? That seems like the steal of the year. Hell, might be the bargain of the decade.

If it's good enough for one of the most entertaining quarterbacks in recent NFL memory, it's good enough for you!

Also, we can't overlook the fact the bus used to be a prison transport vehicle. If I told you an NFL quarterback was living in an old prison transport bus, who would you have guessed was at the top of the list?

The only correct answer is Gardner Minshew. Whether he's flying in a fighter jet, lobbing touchdown passes or living in a bus, the man is a content machine.

So, who wants to combine funds and buy this beast from the Eagles QB? I'm all in!