ESPN Drags Dan Orlovsky Through The Mud Over Joe Montana Take

ESPN has spent the better part of 24 hours dragging poor Dan Orlovsky through the mud over his pretty awful list of top-5 NFL QBs of all time.

Seriously, Dan's been trampled on by just about everyone, from Keyshawn Johnson to Stephen A. Smith.

And here he was thinking that running out of the back of the end zone was going to be the worst moment of his career.

Nope. It was, until Orlovsky put together this lightning rod of a list! Behold:

Dan Orlovsky gets torched by ESPN colleagues over Joe Montana snub

Oh no, Dan!

What are the chances he just forgot about Montana when making the list and then once he realized it live on air he just had to play it off?

And by the way, I 100% buy his 'I'm too young' excuse, too. Guess what, dummies? Joe Montana ain't on my list, either! Why?

Because I never saw him play a down. Patrick Mahomes > Joe Montana, any day of the week and twice on Sundays! Hell, at this point I'd put Joe Burrow over him.

I'm with Dan!

That being said, nobody and I mean NOBODY else at ESPN was with him (us), and I think Orlovsky starts to actually get a little pissed at the end. He weirdly takes the gambling joke a little too personal, and you know that's when you have someone backed into a corner.

When someone takes an obvious joke and makes it serious for no reason whatsoever, it's a dead giveaway that they're flustered, and Dan Orlovsky was very clearly flustered at the end of this.

But hey, at least he took his lumps, went home, got some sleep and everyone forgot about it Friday, right?


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