Jimmy John’s Trolled Dan Orlovsky On Outside Of His Sandwich Order

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Poor Dan Orlovsky just wanted a sandwich. But instead, the ex-NFL quarterback ended up with sour grapes, courtesy of Jimmy John’s.

Orlovsky, who now works for ESPN as an NFL analyst, received a pre-Monday Night Football order from the sandwich chain that hit him harder than most defensive lineman. On the wrapping that contained his sandwich (which looked enormous, by the way), was a note specific to Orlovsky’s playing career.

“Watch out for the back of the end zone,” was penned onto Orlovsky’s sub.

No taste test needed – that sub was extra salty.

Colleague Laura Rutledge recorded Dan Orlovsky’s reaction and posted it to her Twitter account.

Laura Rutledge shared the message Dan Orlovsky received from Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John’s Remembers Orlovsky’s Viral NFL Moment

In addition to being a sandwich artist and comedian, the sharpie-wielding Jimmy John’s employee who handled Orlovsky’s order also proved to be somewhat of an NFL historian.

Their dig at Orlovsky is a clear reference to Orlovsky’s first-career NFL start from October of 2008. That’s when the now 39-year-old quarterback famously ran out of his own end zone when under pressure, resulting in an embarrassing safety that is still frequently shared across social media.

Dan Orlovsky had his own message for Jimmy John’s. (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images).

For what it’s worth, Orlovsky wasn’t going to just swallow his pride along with his sandwich. He used the shot from Jimmy John’s, along with Rutledge’s video as an opportunity to announce his allegiance to another sandwich giant.

“I like Subway better,” Orlovsky said.

Orlovsky’s a former Detroit Lion, but in this instance, he was another kind of lyin’. Let’s be real, no one’s siding with Subway over Jimmy John’s.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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