Drama! Dolphins, 49ers Players Trade Twitter Jabs After Tua-Jimmy G Comment

Raheem Mostert inadvertently (maybe?) started a war of words between Dolphins and 49ers players Monday regarding Jimmy Garoppolo and Tua Tagovailoa.

Mostert, the former 49er who came to Miami this past offseason, praised his current quarterback in a recent interview, telling GoLongTD.com's Tyler Dunne, "We have a quarterback who can actually sling it."

Shockingly, some took it as a subtle jab at Garoppolo, even though Mostert took to Twitter to quickly try and douse the flames.

Raheem Mostert starts Twitter war after Tua, Jimmy Garoppolo remark

Oh no, Raheem! You know as well as I do, once a narrative is created on the internet, all hope is lost. There's no coming back now, buddy. Might as well just embrace it.

Turns out, Deebo Samuel - Mostert's ex-teammate - caught wind of the quote pretty darn quick and asked Mostert to have a little heart-to-heart with himself.

"Raheem be real with yourself," he tweeted Monday afternoon.

While Mostert may not have meant to take a shot at Jimmy G with his initial comment, this second one didn't exactly sit well with the fellas in Santa Clara, either.

“We have way better talent here,” Mostert said. “It’s going to get spooky. Former employers? They’ve got to come see about me. Me and ‘Jefe’ are gonna go crazy.”

In the same interview with Dunne, Jeff Wilson ('Jefe') - another ex-49er who was traded to the Dolphins at the deadline earlier this month - didn't hold back, either.

While Wilson said he holds no ill-will to his former team for trading him after acquiring Christian McCaffrey, he added that there will be hugs and handshakes ahead of kickoff.

“I ain’t need no luck! I don’t need no luck!” Wilson said.

And, of course, those comments quickly got back to the San Francisco locker room, too.

"Someone thinking they gone run crazy on our defense is funny," DE Charles Omenihu tweeted about an hour after Samuel's tweet.

Everyone's in a great mood on this Victory Monday!

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