Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley's Very Different Pregame Outfits Present Hilarious Contrast

As the Giants rolled up to their NFC Divisional game against the Eagles, their starting quarterback and starting running back were on very different vibes. It made for a hilarious contrast.

New York arrived at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia just after 5:00 p.m. ET with kickoff scheduled for 8:15. Rowdy Eagles fans filled the parking lot after finding a loophole in tailgating rules, and the Giants showed up after their water went out at the hotel early on Saturday morning.

Barkley, who was healthy throughout the entire season for the first time since his rookie year, ran for 1,312 yards and 10 touchdowns on 295 carries. He was the first off of the bus and brought the drip.

Barkley rocked a pair of designer shades (even though it was overcast with rain in the forecast), a black jacket open to a black fitted t-shirt, and slacks. Of course, he was iced out with diamond earrings and a diamond chain.

Daniel Jones, who threw for 3,205 yards and 15 touchdowns on a 67.2% completion clip, added 708 yards and seven touchdowns on 120 rushing attempts. The classic cliche for white dudes everywhere — "sneaky athletic" — most certainly applies.

He followed his running back into the tunnel, but wore a very different look.

Jones wore a navy suit, white shirt and tie. The former Duke economics major and quarterback looked as if he was walking into his first day at J.P. Morgan with his whole life ahead of him. All business.

Their individual arrivals coming back to back like they did made for a very funny contrast.

Now, credit where credit is due. Jones hit 'The Griddy' at practice earlier this week, so he has some swagger to him.

Nevertheless, Barkley and Jones were on two very different vibes prior to Saturday's playoff game.