Dad Plays April Fools Prank On Kids Saying Baker Mayfield Got Traded To Steelers

Who doesn't love trolling a kid from time to time? At this point in our lives, we are all skeptical on April Fools Day. We keep our head on a swivel and very few things get past us. Shoot, we even thought Roy Williams retiring was fake.

Kids, on the other hand? Nah, they will fall for anything. That makes them prime targets on April 1.

This dad decided to make his two sons believe the future of the Cleveland Browns was back in the gutter. On Thursday, he told them that star quarterback Baker Mayfield had been traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers, a hated division rival.

Look, these are Browns fans we are talking about here. I know they are young, but they've already been through enough torture. I'm all about a good April Fools kid prank, but was this taking things a bit too far? Probably. Did I still laugh? Absolutely.

The tweet did get a response from Mayfield though.

This is going to be awkward if Baker ever ends up being traded to the Steelers. Kind of like when Michael Brockers threw shade at Jared Goff once the quarterback was traded to the Lions, only to get traded to the Lions himself soon after.

Obviously, there won't be a trade happening anytime soon. For two teams that hate each other, the chances of that happening are lower than Urban Meyer's "zero chance" of going back to the college game.

This was smart on the dad's part though. If he would've said either of the other two teams in the AFC North, those kids wouldn't have bought it for a second. The Ravens have Lamar Jackson and the Bengals have Joe Burrow. Pittsburgh was the only logical choice here.

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