Cam Heyward Not Happy With Roethlisberger: 'I'll Protect My Guys'

Ben Roethlisberger is gone, but the future Hall of Fame QB is still ruffling feathers in camp.

Pittsburgh Steelers captain Cam Heyward took exception to comments Big Ben made to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week in which he said today's NFL player is "coddled" and takes a "me-type attitude."

"It looks as though we are looked at as selfish players, and I don't think that's the point," the defensive lineman said on his "Not Just Football with Cam Heyward" podcast.

"We have a lot of young players that come from different backgrounds, have experienced different things from what others or I may have experienced. That doesn't make them selfish or more of a me-type attitude ... there are a lot more team-first guys than me-type attitude. I took offense to that."

Heyward played with Roethlisberger for 10 seasons, beginning back in 2011. Now 33, a longtime veteran and a team captain, Heyward said he wasn't calling Big Ben out necessarily, but wanted to be clear that he would "protect my guys."

"You just can't say it's a 'me-type of attitude' now," Heyward added. "Everyone's out to be a Super Bowl winner, make money, one day be an MVP. But when it all comes together, we care about one thing, this logo right here. I've always tried to extend that to my younger teammates.

"I think Ben was a little out on that one."


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