Best of Screencaps: Kelly Cantelou Is A Breakout Star, The Rock Shows Off The Legs & Ala-Freakin-Bama

This Week In OutKick:

The big news this week at OutKick has to be that Clay didn't create massive headlines like he'd been doing in May. It's June, this is supposed to be a quiet period before we crank back up for yet another football season. I did notice tonight that Clay announced on Instagram that the family is headed back to Nashville from their two-week vacation at the Travis Florida HQ.

I haven't talked to Clay while he's been on vacation, but I have to believe it's now time to buckle down for this whole Rush Limbaugh timeslot job he has coming up on June 21. No more Florida beach days. No more chasing beach sunsets. Back to work, Clay.

There was something else very interesting on Instagram and it came from the OutKick360 team who had the band Lit -- "My Own Worst Enemy" -- doing an Instagram Story takeover for the 360 account. I had no idea Lit was still together after all these years. We're talking about a band that released its big hit in 1999, yet here they are still getting after it, and apparently, they're friends with Chad or Jonathan. I don't know Paul, but I just get the sense he's not cranking "My Own Worst Enemy" on the way to the recording studio. That's just my gut feeling.

• Don't forget the OutKick360 Topgolf event is this upcoming Thursday in Nashville. The guys have five individual patron passes remaining. The rest of the event is sold out. Go over to their Instagram page and slide into the DMs if you have questions about getting involved with that bash. Let's see if Withrow can get to work on Friday.

• I hear the Fauci mugshot shirt in the OutKick store is a big seller. Get that one, wear it on your trip to Destin and see how many people buy you shots at the bars. I have to believe that shirt would pay for itself within the first hour.

• Paul from the Oasis of Freedom state writes:

I was going to email this to Clay a couple of weeks ago but then I found out I can't because I'm not a subscriber. Then he left Outkick so I figured you would be the man to go to. I think you are an even better person to take this to in all honesty. When was the last time you watched Demolition Man? You know, the movie with Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes. It's been on TV a lot lately and I always stop on it while flipping channels. While watching it, it occurred to me that what's going on in the world today is a precursor to the world that John Spartan is coming into in the movie. You get fined if you say a bad word, they have monitoring systems to track everybody, guns have been abolished, and most importantly the free thinkers that don't want to abide by the rules of the technocratic elite are forced underground and forced to steal food to eat. Edgar Friendly is Clay Travis, my great states governor Ron DeSantis, Joe Kinsey, Outkick and every other free thinker out there today. Give it a watch and relate it to today and tell me it's not startling.

Paul, thank you for the email. I have great news for you -- Clay didn't leave OutKick! He's still here. The radio show is over, but Clay will still accept mailbag questions via Again, his amazing two-week Destin vacation is over and it's back-to-work time for OutKick's leader.

As for me, I think it's time to get a day or two off now that Clay's back. We might even have to see if he'll guest edit Morning Screencaps when I'm out. Stay tuned.

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