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Where is this TNML thing going?

As we enter Week Three of the Thursday Night Mowing League, there have been plenty of moving parts going on behind the scenes. As of Wednesday, the OutKick marketing/t-shirt department has started the preliminary designs for an official league shirt. Trust me, I’m going to be very critical of these shirts for you guys and what the league stands for. We’ll see what the OutKick shirt artists can come up with. If it’s not up to snuff, we’ll look for another artist. It’s that simple.

I want you guys to be proud of the league shirts. This is our baby. It’s our club, and I want you guys to be proud when you walk into the grocery store to grab a Busch heavy sixer after mowing. I want you wearing these shirts into the VFWs. The American Legions. To travel ball tournaments. On charter boats. Everywhere. And speaking of being proud, I received the following email late last night with a great idea.

Jim A. in Highland, MI writes:

While figuring out “where this all goes”, why not have some yard signs made to sell in the Store?  You know: “TNML – Thurs. Night Mower League Proud Member –” or similar!  Could do t-shirts and stickers/magnets for the mowers too.  Great publicity for OutKick and great fun for everyone else!

Yard signs! I absolutely love this idea. High school graduates get signs. 12-year-olds get those ‘Happy Birthday’ signs in the yards. The window installation company gets its sign in the yard. So does the roofing company. I picture TNML members finishing off another mowing session and then planting their flag/sign in the front yard. Damn right I’m a TNML member! Look at my hard work.

Here’s my plan: we get the logo locked down first. That’s going to lead into the shirts. Then we figure out future merchandise. I’m also working on a plan to have our first TNML bar night here in northwest Ohio where there seems to be a huge group of guys/possibly ladies who are pretty much demanding a night out to talk mowing and life.

How’s this all sound for a theme that started two weeks ago? I’d say it’s moving along at a pretty quick pace.

Norm P. wrote to me this week asking about the Put-In-Bay Invitational on June 19 and wanted to know the details about the two-club tournament. Here’s how this works:

  • $35
  • You figure out how to get to Put-in-Bay, OH, a Lake Erie island with ferry service out of Port Clinton or Marblehead. The nearest international airport is Cleveland Hopkins.
  • I bring all of the clubs, tees, balls, beers, chips, koozies, giveaways, granola bars, coolers, ice, seltzers, lawn chairs, tents, tables, etc. across in my wife’s van.
  • You walk 9 holes, and then we do a Closest to the Pin Shootout on the No. 9 tee box.
  • Don’t have a playing partner? No problem. We’ll see who you enjoy drinking a beer with and stick you in that group. We play 5s, 7s, 8s, etc. This is the Wild West of golf.
  • Tournament organizers place 3-4 coolers around the course, and you walk from hole to hole enjoying life. Suck down a beer/seltzer and suck down the island life.
  • Then afterwards the golf group attacks the Put-In-Bay bars/pools.
  • That should cover it.
  • Venmo: @Joe-Kinsey-BC
  • Email: with further questions

This is the trophy my wife and I built for the tournament, but it was destroyed. Yes, I’m in the process of rebuilding. Ladies love that trophy. Trust me, driving around the island with that trophy guarantees a party.

And with that, I want you guys to get out there and enjoy another day of life. The sun is trying to come out here at Kinsey HQ. The flowers are perking up, and we’re heading into that first weekend of June. It’s time to get busy living life.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Notes: Encore Beach Club

    –Chicken Fingers. Always appropriate.
    –Fruit Platter. Savvy
    –Venue Fee: $800.45. Not sure which is more surprising:
    a) they charged one, I mean they spent $6k+ or
    b) the $.45.
    –15% tip did not include the Venue Fee. So considerate!
    –7.4% tax is super reasonable.
    –2:30pm! It’s a marathon fellas.

  2. Hey Joe…Great comments from TNML guys and from you…great stuff !!!
    In my best Dirty Harry Callahan voice…”the question you need to ask yourself, Kinsey, is do you want the TNML guys to wear their shirts DURING the mowing/yard work or AFTER they finish and can crack a Bud Lite and appreciate their skills?
    For sure you want a quality shirt for the guys, and they want the same thing. The 100% cotton heavyweight is great, but something like the TNML endeavor…dunno, a nicer quality material for wearing after the yard work…so you can enjoy wearing the shirt instead of peeling it off and tossing it into the washer. Just saying. Good luck, Joe…great project !!! Cheers !!!

    PS – This is the first one I googled “men’s softball league shirts”: Don’t be put off by the first photos you see, scroll down to the shuffle with softball teams, etc…really cool photos and great shirts, and I don’t know them from Adam…just the first site I clicked on:
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    While softball jerseys are our specialty, we offer numerous products across all sports. We have experience with orders in football, baseball, basketball, bowling, hockey, darts, E-sports, etc.
    As far as other garments of clothing we offer: Hoodies, shorts, pants, batting gloves, hats, arm sleeves.
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